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 New Applicants

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Bellona Rikan

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PostSubject: New Applicants    Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:47 pm

Application Process as of 10/20/13 for a recruit:

1. You contacted a Blani recruiter (Or was contacted by a Blani Recruiter) and are interested in Black Anvil Industries (Blani).
    a. ‘BLANI Pub’ is out public channel.

2. Submit your application to Blani with a FULL account api NOT a full character api and list the following:
    a. The recruiter(s) you talked to and where. Example: Mikoto Hirakawa in BLANI Pub.
    b. Why are you applying to Blani?
    c. Industrial, PvP or both kind of pilot?
    d. Add any other information you think is necessary.

3. If all is well a Team Speak 3 interview will be scheduled with the recruiter(s) you spoke to and the Operations Director of Blani.

4. If you pass the interview and security checks you will be invited to join Black Anvil Industries.

Bellona Rikan
COO Black anvil Industries
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New Applicants
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